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Lloyd Tapper


Nurse Practitioner

PhD prepared Nurse Practitioner Lloyd Tapper works extensively with clients suffering from acute and chronic pain associated with muscle and skeletal injuries. In addition to the use of pharmacological and non pharmacological pain management strategies, Lloyd provides ultrasound guided regenerative medicine services including prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma therapy. His partnership and experience working with multidisciplinary health care team members including chiropractors, physiotherapists and personal fitness trainers ensures that each client receives comprehensive care.

Lloyd's academic preparation in the use of regenerative medicine includes completion of a clinical internship at the Advance Spinal Care Centre located in Calgary, Alberta, and the completion of specialized training through the Department of Rheumatology at McMaster University. He has also completed training in the use of regenerative medicine and muscular-skeletal ultrasound under the supervision of Dr. Thomas B. Clark.

In addition to his clinical expertise and warm personality, Lloyd holds a Clinical Associate position with the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing where he provides guest lectures focused on the assessment, diagnosis and management of orthopaedic injuries. He has also served as an elected council member with the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, and as President of the Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta.

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