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There is an important motto we follow at the clinic: “mind over matter” as well as “matter affects mind.” It exemplifies the fact that our mind can influence the body (matter). However, a body that is healthy or unhealthy could affect our state of mind into being elated, full of passion, or being depressed, full of uncertainty (emotion).

— Dr. Michael Yoon

Dr. Rob Yoon D.C.

Studied and trained in Hap Ki Do since 3 years of age under Grandmaster Ki. C. Yoon

6th Dan Hap Ki Do Master

Received 1st Dan at 12 years of age

Junior instructor for children’s class

Preformed in over 250 martial arts exhibitions and demonstrations since 1982

Received Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West  2006, practising since 2007

Joined Century Chiropractic Wellness Centre with brother Dr. Michael Yoon 2007

Certified Graston Therapy practitioner 2008

Professional health and wellness lecturer  all over Calgary ( companies and organization) since 2008

Pressure point (Kypsu massage) practitioner 2008

Implementation of Disc Treatment though use of DRX 9000 decompression table 2010

Certified Class 4 high intensity practitioner 2010

Professional health and wellness lecturer all over Calgary ( companies and organization) Since 2008

Curriculum developer and innovator of Institute of Wellness massage school ( license registered massage program) 2013

Belt rank tester and judge with Grand Master Ki. C. Yoon and Master Michael Yoon since 2005

Supporter and following the path of Grand master Ki C. Yoon inductee of Canadian Black Belt hall of Fame

Master and developer for Ki  C. Yoon Martial Arts Academy , guiding and mentoring students in the ways of martial arts 2007

Avid athlete playing golf and involved in gold tournaments since 2007

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