I am able to preform and function at a high capacity. Thank you Dr. Michael Yoon and Century Chiropractic Wellness Centre for helping to keep my body at peak performance. Your knowledge and experience of the body is invaluable.  Not only are you an exceptional practitioner, you are also a champion athlete yourself so you know what we experience and go through. Thank you!

– Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Harry Smith), Professional Wrestler


I had fibromyalgia and disc degeneration for 25 years. I was not able to perform even the simplest of chores. Dr. Michael’s care has enabled to me to return to an active lifestyle. The clinic provides a very positive and caring environment where the patient comes first. I highly recommend seeking care from Dr. Michael.

– Sydney F.


The staff and Dr. Michael are excellent. I met him at the Calgary Women’s show, and I drive an hour for treatment. He has made such an improvement on my spinal shape, metabolism (from the acupuncture), and overall health. He is definitely worth the drive and price! You get what you pay for folks.


My knee injury was resolved in 5 weeks. Very grateful for Dr. Mike’s help. I’m now back to playing soccer. Great clinic. I recommend them very highly.

– Katelyn S.


The Yoon brothers are amazing and believe in committing to your treatment plan to actually get results. I had seen other chiropractors, but no one diagnosed the 11% curve in my spine nor solved my recurrent pain even after seeing them for a significant time. The Yoons found that and fixed my back. For the first time in years, I am pain free. And they are really nice to boot!


Very holistic in his approach, Dr. Yoon is great. He doesn’t focus on one thing like other chiropractors – he tries to fix all the problems he possibly can.







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