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Frequently Asked Questions

Does chiropractic adjustment hurt?

In our clinic, the methods of care are a very important component in allowing the body to recover without unnecessary trauma and stress to the system. We like to compare a patient’s body to a ball of clay used to form a sculpture. The more clay is worked, the more elastic and flexible it is. If left unmoved, the clay hardens and becomes rigid. Like clay, a patient’s body can become hard and rigid if left unmoved. In this state, abrupt forces could lead to damage such as injury. Therefore, treatment is used to allowed restoration of the body’s elasticity which will assist in more fluid and gentle adjustments that will lead to more comfortable treatments.

I have heard that once you go to see a chiropractor then you need to see them forever, is this true?

We work with patients who value the importance of bodily balance that allows them to function optimally while they go about their daily activities. For these patients, it makes sense for them to include musculoskeletal alignment as a lifestyle choice. However, no one is obligated to use our services for life. The choice of well-being lies with the patient. We will assist them in achieving this well-being as partners in health.

Do I really need an initial checkup and examination? I have been to a chiropractor before, I know my body.

We believe that every patient who presents this question to us has a very good working knowledge of their body and they have also been receiving good care from their past or current practitioner. However, it is our duty to fully understand and properly diagnose the current working conditions of the patient’s body to deliver an effective course of action. We do appreciate any previous information that patients received. However, we also need to do our own evaluations to determine whether a patient be effectively treated within our scope of practice and our experience.

I crack my back and neck by myself, isn’t that same as what chiropractors do?

The treatment that we recommend is based on the patient’s physical assessments that include the case history, examination, postural analysis, biomechanical analysis, neurological assessment and x-ray analysis – if applicable. The treatment will cover the goals of global biomechanical postural corrections and specific intricate biomechanical imbalances. These specific goals can not be met through random self-join manipulations by the clients and are not the same treatment given by licensed doctors of Chiropractic.

I have noticed that I am getting stiffer and more tired as the years go by, is this sign of aging and lack of exercise?

We believe in the saying “use it or lose it.” The body can begin to lose the ability to move smoothly due to repetitive stress, trauma and rigidity in the muscles and joints. A loss of movement potential could then be experienced by the body. Through consistent management of the musculoskeletal system via treatment and with an active lifestyle, we believe patients could enjoy their body, free from limitations for years to come.

Can you cure arthritis?

Arthritis means inflammation of the joint. “Arth-” meaning joint and “-itis” meaning inflammation. The question we ask is what is the cause of the joint inflammation in that particular patient? The causes could be metabolic related to blood and genetics or it could be related to physical stress. Longstanding arthritis could lead to joint damage and physical deformities of the joint. Unfortunately, some of the damage and physical deformities to the joints are irreversible. However, further damage can be further prevented by reducing the physical stressors on joints. Our philosophy instills proper balance to the musculoskeletal system to reduce abnormal stresses on the joint. This can enhance normal function and prevent further arthritic changes.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor to see a Chiropractor? Do you work with my doctor to help me?

Patients do not need a referral from a medical doctor to seek consultation and treatment from our clinic. We do believe in co-management type care leading to a healthy recovery for mutual patients. Collaborative teamwork with a patient and their doctor could build a strong and healthy foundation for overall wellness.

Would you recommend activities and things that I could do to improve my conditions further?

Treatment is a passive care that can assist with patient recovery. However, it is only one spoke of many spokes that is part of the wheel of well-being. The patient and the doctor will discuss exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that will arm the patients with the knowledge to further maintain their overall health. Our clinic is honored to have patients who are excited to learn about health. We offer many different workshops at our clinic. We also lecture to companies and organizations as well (please enquire for further details.)

Do my children need your service?

The beauty of youth is that children can heal quickly and will bounce right back from trauma. However, despite their quick recovery time, there is always a possibility of spinal imbalance that could lead to bigger problems as they age. Compounded by the student lifestyle that involves many hours sitting, carrying a backpack and an active lifestyle, children can be influenced by physical stresses that could alter the biomechanics of their body. Having a comprehensive spinal evaluation could be beneficial to their structural integrity and also could potentially enhance their growth and development.


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