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Dr. Michael Yoon has been treating me for approx 4 years and I’ve seen great results with my back and neck. His knowledge, techniques and equipment appear to be much more advanced than other clinics in Calgary. I’ve always appreciated being able to schedule a short notice appointment.

Michael M.
I was in so much pain and was losing functionality and feeling pain down the whole right side of my body and Dr. Michael Yoon is doing such an awesome job I’m feeling better than I have in a very long time. He really genuinely cares and is really good at what he does.

Laura L.
I left Dr. Michael Yoon for a more convenient location and found that my chiropractic health declined. After I returned my back and knees started to feel better and the pain went away. Dr. Yoon’s methods, which include heat and acupuncture (if you choose it) keep me at my optimum health. I highly recommend him!  

Lisa A.
I have been seeing Doctor Michael Yoon for 12 years and have found his treatments to be beneficial in my everyday activities. When I first began treatments I was having migraines and neck pain. Since seeing him on a regular maintenance schedule I have not been getting migraines as often. The last one I had was several years ago. I find his approach to be open and honest and he also listens to my concerns and finds the best way to heal my body without the use of medication. I like the more holistic approach and working as a team to make my body be more beneficial for myself and those around me. The staff are prompt, friendly and always accommodating to their client’s needs. I leave the centre feeling balanced, standing tall and no discomfort.

Carrie R.
Dr. Michael Yoon is a Master at what he does in every sense of the word. For me and to those that I refer, he goes the extra mile and always exceeds my expectations. His commitment to his patients is exemplary and the clinic atmosphere is both professional and friendly. I highly recommend that you consider a move today and reap the benefits from Dr. Michael’s enlightened and holistic approach to chiropractic medicine. He truly is “Second To None”!

Theresa S.
My experience at Century Chiropractic Wellness Centre has been empowering and continues to enlighten my perspective on what integrated healing should be. The synthesis of modalities used by Dr. Michael Yoon brings profound transformation to the body and mind. Genuine healing begins here.

I was referred to Dr. Michael through a friend of mine and it’s just been a blessing. I’m grateful for the wonderful care I have received in these past couple of months. Dr. Michael listens to you carefully and makes sure that he understands the root of the problem area before he begins with the treatment. Great atmosphere and a lovely staff -Each visit has been a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend all my family and friends to Century Chiropractic Wellness Centre.

Aman D.
Dr. Michael Yoon… You may have cured my butt amnesia. My chronically injured leg fired at 70% last night in my Pole Conditioning Class for the first time in Month. Thank you for the adjustments, the Graston treatments, the Laser and hooking me up to you absolutely fabulous Decompression Machine yesterday. I can finally see the light at the end of the recovery tunnel.

Jude D


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