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Why Buying Custom Orthotics is A Wise Decision

October 18th 2018
Custom orthotics, also known as inserts or arch supports, are devices used to help individuals with foot pain. They can be a reliable way of transforming the way you walk, rectifying deformities, and maintaining joints in alignment. They supplement ligaments and tendons by giving your feet additional support. For example, if you have painful flat feet, custom foot orthotics can be instrumental in alleviating the pain by taking up the stress off the tendons and ligaments that support the arch.

What are the Main Benefits of Custom Orthotics?


1. Elevated Foot Support

Each of your feet has 26 bones and more than 100 muscles. Your feet are one of the most intricate parts of your body. They hold the weight of your whole body. Thus, they deserve your maximum attention. Investing in personalized inserts is an important strategy for guaranteeing better health for your feet. Unique orthotics offer customized support to rectify or prevent foot pain exactly where it is required.

2. Superior Comfort

Apart from extra support, individualized inserts provide you with a high level of comfort than over-the-counter insoles. They are designed to fit the unique structure of your feet perfectly. Because of the customization, they will give you maximum comfort when wearing them.

3. Rectification of Foot Abnormalities

Unique orthotics can rectify foot abnormalities such as high arches and collapsed arches. They work even in cases where one foot has a dissimilar structure compared to the other, reinstating balance and preventing foot abnormalities from getting worse.

4. Improved Athletic Performance

A well-aligned body allows you to perform well while engaging in sporting activities. Custom arch supports significantly reduce your risk of injury. Multitudes of research reveal that these devices allow you to work harder and enjoy an enhanced balance and perfect body position.

5. Relief and Prevention of Pain

Custom inserts are helpful when it comes to protecting against foot ulcers, preventing injury, and improving foot function. They give you comfort by addressing the source of your foot pain.

6. Improved Overall Health

When your feet are working and feeling good, your entire body will also feel good. If you are not getting sufficient sleep or participating in your favorite sport due to foot and ankle pain, orthotics can be a great solution for you.

Types of Custom Foot Orthotics

Rigid Custom Inserts: They are made of hard materials like carbon fiber or plastic. They are ideal for dress shoes or walking shoes with low heels and closed toes. This kind of arch support is crafted to reduce foot aches and strains along with pain in the legs, lower back, and thighs that may arise due to improper feet alignment.

Soft Custom Inserts: They are created using soft compression materials. They offer cushioning to take pressure off painful or sore spots from conditions like diabetic foot ulcers or plantar fasciitis. Due to their bulk, it is imperative to wear soft arch supports with prescription footwear.

Remember, custom orthotics are just a part of the solution. Wearing a pair doesn’t mean you have kept all problems away. You should always control your muscles properly when you move your feet, particularly when jumping and running. Consult a doctor about how custom orthotics can help with your pain.

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